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By Car

By Car - Grand Hotel Esplanada

Motorway A4 Venice-Trieste;
Motorway A23 Tarvisio-Udine.
A4 and A23 motorways are connected with major national and European motorways.
The convenient exits are:
toll-gate Portogruaro, 35 km from Bibione. After the exit, continue in direction Trieste;
toll-gate Latisana, 25 km from Bibione. After the exit, follow the directions to Bibione.

By Bus

By Bus - Grand Hotel Esplanada

Many bus services link Bibione with the main Italian and foreign cities.
Some examples from the cities nearest to Bibione:
From Udine Direct connection with Bibione.
From Latisana Direct connection with Bibione.
From Venice Direct connection with Bibione.
For further information, call the phone number: +39 0421 5944 or watch the web sites of the bus service ATVO

By Train

By Train - Grand Hotel Esplanada

The nearest stations to Bibione dispose of bus services with frequent trips.
Station of Latisana Km. 23 Bus connection with Bibione
Station of Udine Km. 60 Bus connection with Bibione
Station of Portogruaro km. 35 Bus connection with Bibione
For further information, consult the website of

By Plane

By Plane - Grand Hotel Esplanada

Bibione is about an hour's drive from the international airports of Venice - Marco Polo and Trieste - Ronchi dei Legionari.
Both are connected with the beach of Bibione by bus services and trains.
Airport Trieste - Ronchi dei Legionari Km 65 Bus connection with Bibione 
Airport Venice - Marco Polo Km. 95 Bus connection with Bibione

By Boat

By Boat - Grand Hotel Esplanada

To get to Bibione by boat, follow these coordinates: Longitude 45° 38' 10" N - Latitude 12° 59' 83" E.

Once arrived, you can use the visitors’ berths in the Porto Baseleghe quay to moor your boat (there are berths available for vessels up to 18 metres).